The Fitters Friend

Fixing objects that can’t reach each other can be a hassle. Not anymore, the adjustable spacer fixing, by Space-Plug bridges ALL types of gaps, simply and easily! Ideal for kitchen base units and also a whole lot more!

Available in a range of pack sizes and colours - make sure you toolbox always has a pack, they really are one of the most useful fixings on the market!

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Anti-Topple Furniture Fixing

The Space-Plug Mini is super helpful at tieing back furniture such as TV consoles, wardrobes, chest of drawers and any other freestanding furniture that your little ones can climb up!

Space-Plug Mini is the perfect tip-over prevention fixing on the market and is really easy to use!

You may have seen other furniture anti-topple fixings, however they usually involve a lot of components and you need a degree in rocket science to set them up.

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You've Been Fixed!

We Pay You £50 If We Use Your Video.

Do you use our Space-Plug's on a regular basis, or perhaps you have a project coming up that you intend to use a Space-Plug or two?

Well here is your chance to earn REAL money while doing that project, to spend how you wish!

We are recruiting Carpenters / Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Fitters / DIYer's that use and love our Space-Plug's! It really is that simple, film yourself using our fixing, send us the video clip and if we use your video we will pay you £50.


Bulk Trade Packs


Lean on packaging, no drill bits, just a BIG box of Space-Plugs ready to keep your toolbox topped up at!

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Our Best Sellers

Space-Plug 4 Reg + 4XL Black

Space-Plug Black 4:4 Adjustable Spacer Fixings (Anti Topple Bracket) For Professional & DIY use for Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom & Furniture installations

Price (ex VAT): £8.33

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Space-Plug Regular 25 Pack - Premium Cabinet Fixings

The Space-Plug Regular 25 Pack offers the best solution for cabinet fixings, designed for gaps from 30-50mm. These adjustable fixings make kitchen cabinet installation faster, neater, and more efficie

Price (ex VAT): £12.33

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Space-Plug 25 XL Kitchen Cabinet Brackets (For 45-80mm Gaps)

25 XL Space-Plug Pack - Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Brackets

Price (ex VAT): £12.49

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Space-Plug 20 Reg + 20XL White

Space-Plug White 20:20 Pack of 40 Multi-Purpose, Adjustable Spacer Fixings for Fixing Kitchen Units, Bathroom Furniture, Bedroom Wardrobes, Bookcases, Chests of Drawers, Filling Gaps

Price (ex VAT): £18.74

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Space-Plug Mini - Furniture Wall Anchors - 25 Pack

The Space-Plug Mini is the perfect secure furniture wall anchors. Adjustable for gaps from 15-35mm, these anchors ensure a sturdy, hassle-free installation for all your furniture needs.

Price (ex VAT): £12.33

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Space-Plug Mini - Furniture Anchors - 100 Pack

The Space-Plug Mini is your ultimate solution for furniture anchors. Designed for gaps from 15-35mm, these adjustable anchors provide a sturdy, hassle-free installation for all your furniture needs. I

Price (ex VAT): £31.67

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Best Selling Trade Packs

Space-Plug 500 REG Cabinet Fixings Trade Pack

One Of The Best Cabinet Fixing On The Market - 500 Trade Pack To Keep Your Installers Toolbox's Full.

Price (ex VAT): £158.33

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Space-Plug XL 500 Trade Pack

Installing Multi Kitchens? This 500 Trade Pack Of XL Space-Plug's Will Keep Your Toolbox Topped Up - Never Run Out When Installing Kitchens.

Price (ex VAT): £166.67

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1500 Kitchen Cabinet Fixings Trade Pack

1500 Award Winning Kitchen Cabinet Fixings - Trade Pack - Keep Your Installers Toolbox's Full.

Price (ex VAT): £400.00

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Welcome to Space-Plug

Ideal Replacement for 'Fiddly' Kitchen Cabinet Brackets!

We are an award-winning innovation company. Born from frustration, our founder, a kitchen installer himself, believed there was a better way. He continues to have the vision of improving kitchen cabinet fixings for the professional cabinetry industry. Read more about our story and learn how our fixings are creating change for the better within the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom industry.

The easiest way for installing kitchen cabinets!

Our Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixing, continues to impress kitchen cabinet manufacturers as well as the thousands of professional kitchen installers around the world. Our (quite literally) revolutionary cabinet fixings are supplied with Wren Kitchens UK and USA and Magnet (Nobia) Kitchens.

Fitting Kitchen Cupboards? You need 'The Fitters Friend' 

Affectionately known as the ‘Fitters friend’ - our spacer fixing reduces time spent installing kitchen cabinetry as well as other cabinets or cupboards used in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Replacing other complicated kitchen cabinet brackets - Space-Plug provides a simple professional solution, and can even reduce material waste.

In 2023, Space-Plug developed and launched a brand new way of manufacturing more sustainable kitchen cabinets. Saving precious resources, saving the manufacturer money and saving installers time. Read more about our sustainable kitchen cabinet manufacturing.

Whether you are a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom installer / carpenter,  cabinet manufacturer, or a home DIY’er please explore our Space-Plug Shop to learn more about how our innovative cabinet fixings will improve your installation experience!

Where to use our fixings...


Space-Plug fixings can be used as a fastener in a wide variety of uses, our customers are always finding really handy on many DIY projects around the home and garden.

Here a 3 uses that might inspire you!
Wardrobe installation as wardrobe fittings.
As safety fastener furniture wall anchors.
As cabinet brackets for kitchen base cabinet installation.

Send us your pics or videos of how you have used our Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixings!

Space Saver!
"Plugs the gap between furniture and wall no problem.
Its like an adjustable foot which you run a long screw through the middle and
then tighten up to secure the fixture to the wall." 
With Millions of our Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixings already sold worldwide, you can purchase them from our growing list of retailers, including DIRECT from our website!


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