Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE without CHANGE.

Space-Plug has launched Evolution! A brand new method of kitchen base unit manufacture. A method to SAVE THE UK ANNUALLY up to 1,000,000m2 of wasted board. The first major change for kitchen unit cutting lists in DECADES! The first major change for a more sustainable design … EVER!

Welcome to the way kitchen cabinets should be made in the 21st CENTURY!

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COMING SOON - With large pre-orders, the 'baby' of the family, we call the Space-Plug Mini, is to become a reality and is now on order!


Watch - Cliff (Our Inventor) - Explain concisely how 'Kitchen Manufacturers' benefit for adopting and supplying Evolution with their base units and how 'Kitchen Installers' use the new Datum Pegs along side our award winning Adjustable Spacer Fixing - in a very short presentation!

Space-Plug Evolution

Say 'Hello' to perfection and 'Goodbye' to L brackets, fixing screws, access holes and cover caps. With over 7 Million already sold, just drill once per unit and let our 'Adjustable Spacer Fixing' do the rest by bridging the gap to create a fast, solid and professional fixing! Our one fixing is perfect for saving time and wasted money on additional hardware.

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Manufacturers & Installation Managers

We want you to join us and supply an adjustable spacer fixing with your furniture. With the launch of our brand new product - the Datum Peg’ which revolutionises how kitchen cabinetry is made, the revolution has already started. Explore the many benefits to you, you’re installers and your customers!

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To date we have sold over 7 million units of our adjustable spacer fixing and the appetite continures to grow year on year. We have retailers in UK, Europe and Australia. Interested in discovering more about our award fixing & stocking our products then click the link below!

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Our adjustable spacer fixing is loved by thousands of kitchen installers around the world. Why? Where do we start! First just Google ‘Space-Plug Reviews’ and you will soon see the 5 star ratings we achieve. Now click the button below to unlock the secrets of our products and how to buy our revolutionary fixings.

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General Public

Originally designed for furniture in the KBB industry, we quickly learned that the great general public found other uses for our adjustable spacer fixing. Learn how the professionals use our adjustable spacer fixing to speed the up the job and discover how other DIY’ers and general builders are using our products for other purposes!

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Welcome to Space-Plug

We are an award-winning innovation company. Born from frustration, our founder, a kitchen installer himself, believed there was a better way. He continues to have the vision of improving spacer fixings for the professional cabinetry industry. Read more about our story and learn how our products are creating change for the better within the KBBI (kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom industry).

To date, our first product, the adjustable spacer fixing, continues to impress cabinet manufacturers as well as the thousands of kitchen installers around the world. Affectionately known as the ‘kitchen fitters friend’ - our adjustable spacer fixing reduces time spent installing cabinetry, provides a simple professional solution, and can even reduce material waste.

Whether you are a cabinet manufacturer, kitchen, bedroom & bathroom installer, or a home DIY’er please explore our website to learn more about how our innovative products will improve the installation experience. 

With over 7 million products sold worldwide, you can purchase
our products from our growing list of retailers, including direct from our website.

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