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5 Star Reviews
Brilliant product & quality

What a brilliant product, saved a lot of time in fitting cabinets.

5 Star Reviews
They are very easy to use, very good to have when fitting a kitchen, which is we’re I used them, they filled the void Between cupboard and the wall. Would recommend them to anyone fitting a kitchen.

5 Star Reviews
Excellent product...!!
Introduced to these from my son... ingenious idea, worked as they should. Would certainly buy again!!!

5 Star Reviews
Great invention
Currently installing kitchen units and wren has has only sent one per unit. To be safe and extra secure we ordered these so we can add extra screws to secure our cabinets. We used 8mm screws goes through perfectly.

5 Star Reviews
It so simple and so useful. These guys got a really god brain. I love also the color and the quality. What a great product. Genius!!

5 Star Reviews
Great product
Brilliant for cabinet installs.

5 Star Reviews
Just excellent. Get some and smile.
These are a game changer.... brilliant idea. Cuts fitting time to a minimum.

5 Star Reviews
They work!
Used to fit cabinets to wall. They work well securing the cabinet to the wall very well.

5 Star Reviews
So easy, great invention
Excellent 2 bits of plastic, so simple to adjust and tightening screws doesn't de-form them.

5 Star Reviews
  Really useful saves using multiple packers
Very easy to use and adjustable down to the mm makes alcove units really solid.

5 Star Reviews
Great product
I used the standard size in black to stand-off some garden trellis from the brick wall of my house. Worked perfectly.

5 Star Reviews
Simple to use
These really are a simple but excellent and useful product for attaching floor units to a wall- particularly on uneven floors.

5 Star Reviews
Absolutely brilliant. I fitted my kitchen recently and had these recommended to me for fixing the units to the wall. Made a difficult job a lot easier.

5 Star Reviews
  Handy support behind toilet cistern
Used to add support behind cistern on close-coupled toilet. Very easy to fit and gives the support needed.

5 Star Reviews
  Great items to keep in a tool bag!
I bought these as we had a radiator installed and it kept moving on the brackets and made a ticking noise. Put one of these centrally behind the radiator and voila! Problem solved!

5 Star Reviews
  How can you install fitted furniture without? Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes...
Before finding these little fixings, we had to shim cabinets or cuts lengths of plastic tube to length or use adjustable angle brackets. These are far simpler and speed up install times 3x.

Space Saver!
"Plugs the gap between furniture and wall no problem.
Its like an adjustable foot which you run a long screw through the middle and
then tighten up to secure the fixture to the wall." 
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