Our Story

Space-Plug Ltd was founded to create products that support kitchen, bathroom and
bedroom cabinetry manufacturers and installers.

We innovate and develop products that save time and help
reduce wastage in our industry.

Our founder, Cliff Petit, invented our top selling product
after spending 10 years on the tools installing kitchens, he believed there was
a better way to fix base cabinets to walls and put an end to irritating L brackets.

He started his inventing journey and Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixing was brought to market in 2013.


Over the last 9 years, Space-Plugs Products have been highly regarded as a game changer.

We proudly won an innovation award from FIRA our key industry body. Our small adjustable spacer fixing, has made installing base units fast, with minimal impact on the integrity of the unit.

To date, Space-Plug Ltd has sold over 6 million
Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixings, to manufacturers
that sell them as part of their units, to kitchen and
cabinetry installers and home DIY’ers that find an ever
growing range of uses for our well-loved invention.
Our future looks bright (or orange!) as Cliff and his
growing team are passionate about our environment and the impact we are making on the world.
We continue to re-invest profits made, back into in the
business to invent new products that will help
manufacturers of cabinetry to significantly reduce
materials used in the production of cabinets.
Great for manufacturers, great for the customer and
great for the environment.
We are always happy to speak to anyone that is interested
in our vision and serving our industry helps us to
achieve fit for purpose products.
From all of the team at Space-Plug,
we look forward to hearing from you!

With over 6 million products sold worldwide, you can purchase
our products from our growing list of retailers, including direct from our website.

We are proud to be selling our products with these retailers.


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