Sustainable Kitchen Cabinets

So Simple! So Sustainable! So, Space-Plug!

Revealed - New More Sustainable Base Cabinet Design by Space-Plug

Sustainability, Intelligent Design, Manufacturing Innovation, Production Economics, Customer Experience.

All of these are addressed when a manufacturer embraces “Space-Plug Evolution”.

The last 10 years has seen Space-Plug become the brand synonymous with fast effective fittings for kitchen cabinets and tying back all manner of KBB furniture. With the launch of their new system, “Evolution”, manufacturers will now be, “More Sustainable” whilst, “Saving Money” and including brand new, “Fast-Fit” technology.

It’s a simple idea. The cabinet is made with shorter side panels that no longer have to reach the wall. This strip of material (covered in plastic) is now saved in manufacture and replaced with the addition of their, “Datum Pegs” – 4 grams can replace 1000 and puts the unit back to its original datum depth without wood in the way!

This simple, handy measuring stick replaces all that excess material manufacturers have included unnecessarily for decades!

Sustainable Kitchen Cabinet

Manufacturers now save this material which more than covers the cost of a set of Evolution components and so Space-Plug guarantees to save money overall and offer much more to their fitters and more importantly, their customers!

Wasted Material - Make Sustainable Kitchen Cabinets
The reason? These strips of board are in the way for fitting a kitchen. “The industry thinks installers want them” said Cliff Petit, Inventor and MD at Space-Plug. “Installers currently think that, because manufacturers provide them and they are needed to create the service void. But both the manufacturers and the installers haven’t seen Evolution cabinets … Yet!”

Watch this short animation below on how Evolution, saves material, saves cabinet integrity, saves time and makes a sustainable kitchen cabinet.

Easy Update To Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing - Make Sustainable Cabinets

Fitters time is wasted and customers cabinets’ edgebanding is sacrificed as these machined edges don’t marry to meandering walls, let alone around surface mounted services.

Fitters have to scribe round these pipes or cut away large sections to get the unit in place. Modifying the units on-site, causing more work, more dust and more risk … often contrary to the manufacturer’s warranties!

This results in brand new cabinet material in the skip, wasted and customers board edges now exposed – compromising the new kitchen cabinets integrity.

“All of this is negated by Evolution” states James Marchant their Director of Marketing, “Not forgetting that all of these benefits are accompanied complete with a Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixing. The five star, fast and purposeful professional fixing… basically Free of Charge”.

With sustainability and customer experience at the forefront of its benefits, Evolution is set to eclipse the 8 million adjustable spacers Space-Plug has already sold.

Listen to all the benefits of Evolution from the inventor himself - don't agree answers on a postcard!
Read our manufacturing brochure and learn about our 3 Fast Fit Systems

Next Steps.
  1. Setup an initial meeting with our team and your product development team - (Click Here to send us your contact details)
    In this initial meeting our team will present Evolution and give your team hands on access to our components and the opportunity to install a more sustainable kitchen cabinet the Evolution way. We are sure you will have many questions and we will be there to answer them and to discuss how we can support adopting Evolution.
  2. Adopt Space-Plug Evolution by changing the design of your kitchen cabinets
    We appreciate that is a 'sweeping' statement to make, one that is easier said than done and change has its challenges. But that is where you can rely on the Space-Plug team to support your team and provide valuable advise on the best way to adopt Evolution. 
  3. Launch your new sustainable kitchen cabinets!
    You will want the world to know about how great your new cabinets are! Our marketing team will work with yours to deliver an online or event based launch. 
The Evolution system is already in manufacture in the UK and taking orders.

Space Saver!
"Plugs the gap between furniture and wall no problem.
Its like an adjustable foot which you run a long screw through the middle and
then tighten up to secure the fixture to the wall." 
With Millions of our Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixings already sold worldwide, you can purchase them from our growing list of retailers, including DIRECT from our website!


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