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Fixing objects that can’t reach each other, can be a real hassle.

Not anymore, the adjustable spacer fixing, by Space-Plug bridges ALL types of gaps, simply and easily!

Ideal for kitchen base cabinets and also a whole lot more!

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The Space-Plug Range


1. The Space-Plug Mini
Space-Plug Mini 100 Pack

The Space-Plug Mini bridges gaps from

The SP Mini is our first adjustable spacer to be made up of three parts. The first two parts are male and female just like the Mini's parents (Reg & XL). The Mini however has an accessory! An interlocking extension … But why? The answer is in the travel. The shorter the thread the shorter distance it can travel. We wanted to make a spacer that would go from 15mm to meet with our current smallest spacer the Regular at 30mm. Plus a bit of overlap of course! The extension part is 10mm in depth and the traditional male and female parts alone will range approx. 15 to 25mm. Then by attaching the extender the Mini will comfortably bridge gaps from 25mm to 35mm. Also different to Mum 'n' Dad, the Mini will be arriving in a grey finish. Just perfect for the shadows behind chest of drawers!

2. The Space-Plug Regular

Space-Plug Regular 50 Pack
The Space-Plug Regular bridges gaps from

The Space-Plug Regular has been tieing back kitchen, bedroom and bathroom base furniture for over 10 years!
It comes in three colours
Space-Plug Orange, Black & White

3. The Space-Plug XL

Space-Plug XL 50 Pack
The Space-Plug XL bridges gaps from

The Space-Plug XL has been tieing back much larger gaps for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom base furniture for over 10 years!
It comes in three colours

Space-Plug Orange, Black & White

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Space Saver!
"Plugs the gap between furniture and wall no problem.
Its like an adjustable foot which you run a long screw through the middle and
then tighten up to secure the fixture to the wall." 
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