Space-Plug Mini - Furniture Wall Anchors - 25 Pack

The Space-Plug Mini is the perfect secure furniture wall anchors. Adjustable for gaps from 15-35mm, these anchors ensure a sturdy, hassle-free installation for all your furniture needs.

Price: £12.33 (ex VAT)
Brand: Space-Plug

Product Overview

The Might but Mini Furniture Wall Anchors

Ensure the safety and stability of your furniture with our pack of 25 Space-Plug Mini furniture wall anchors. These adjustable spacer fixings make the perfect furniture wall fixing. Our small adjustable fixings are ideal to tie back freestanding or fitted furniture in your home. Either to create stability or to prevent dangerous tip-overs!
These anchors offer peace of mind for households with children, pets, or in earthquake-prone regions!

Award Winning:
Our Adjustable Spacer Fixing has won a two awards, winning the FIRA Innovation award in 2015.

Versatile Compatibility:
Suitable for a wide range of solid backed furniture, including dressers, wardrobes, bookshelves, cabinets, and entertainment centers, the Space-Plug Mini creates a strong anchor to secure your furniture to the wall.

Easy Installation:
With simple installation instructions and all necessary hardware included, our furniture wall anchors make it easy to safeguard your home in minutes. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice homeowner, you can trust our anchors to provide a secure and hassle-free mounting solution.

Heavy-Duty Construction:
Created from high grade plastic, our furniture wall anchors can tie-back tall and heavy furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases etc providing reliable support and stability.

Peace of Mind:
With the safety of your loved ones in mind, the Mini works as a furniture wall anchors offer peace of mind knowing that your furniture is securely anchored to the wall, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Don't wait until it's too late!
Invest in the safety of your home with Space-Plug's furniture wall anchors today.
Professional, easy installation, and unbeatable peace of mind!
Our Space-Plug Mini's are the perfect solution for securing your furniture and protecting your family*.

Only Use With Solid Backed FurnitureSafely Secure Furniture To The WallWall Anchor Bookcase
*If using as an anti-tip/topple fixing, our Adjustable Spacer Fixings are ONLY SUITABLE for STRONG SOLID BACKED furniture.

Four Simple Steps To Using Our Furniture Wall Anchors

The Space-Plug Mini bridges the gaps between your furniture and the wall (range 15-35mm) perfect over skirting boards.

As it is adjustable one size fits all!

Four Simple Steps To Securing Furniture To The Wall

Space-Plug The Award Winning Furniture Wall Anchor

Space-Plug - Award Winning Spacer Fixing

Designed by a former kitchen fitter in 2013 that has now sold over 10 million units world-wide.

The only patented fit for purpose product specifically developed for fitting furniture to walls and has a myriad of adhoc rescue uses besides!


Space Saver!
"Plugs the gap between furniture and wall no problem.
Its like an adjustable foot which you run a long screw through the middle and
then tighten up to secure the fixture to the wall." 
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