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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we are asked. Do you have any questions about us or our products, then please use our contact form and we will be more than happy to answer them. 
Lol! – If I had a pound for every time, I got asked that one! – No, never been on Dragons Den. We did apply once but didn’t hear. In all honesty though, we’re an old school family firm and have enjoyed the journey taking things a step at a time. It’s also meant we’ve out performed a fair few others that have come and gone whilst we’ve seen constant growth!
Yes, we’re genuinely made by a splendid British manufacturer in sunny Sussex. UK production give us total supply chain management and provides a wonderful just in time process that saves us and our customers a lot of money!
I actually started helping my carpenter grandfather around the age of 10! I’ve had a mixed career and won a scholarship to go to university from the Communications Workers Union in 1995. I ran my own, “Happy Handyman” business in Winchester for over 5 years.
Moulding threaded parts is not the easiest. Recycled materials have a certain amount of the “unknown” in their properties making them slightly tougher to use. Things are improving all the time though; we want to be as kind as we can to the planet and constantly reviewing this possibility.
Naturally people are concerned with plastic products these days. Have no fear with Space- Plug. Not only are we fully recyclable but even better! Fully re-usable! No need to waste any energy recycling!
In its simplest terms a Space-Plug isn’t even a thing, it’s a name. At the minute it’s the name for our “Adjustable Spacer Fixing”
The central bore hole is 6.5mm diameter. Just a bit too small for concrete screws I’m sorry to say. We are trying to accommodate this in our new tooling on the drawing board but is some time away yet.
At the moment the “Regular” size will fit 30mm to 50mm gaps The “XL” size will fit 45mm to 80mm gaps
We have a version 2 on the drawing board which will also cater for an even smaller size. We can’t go too small obviously as you need to get fingers in to wind.
Yes, we’ve got drawing for several other products and other patents applied for. Our product range is definitely growing!

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