We Are Now Taking Contract Orders Of The SP MINI.

What a year 2023 has been for all of us at Space-Plug!

Another National kitchen manufacturer launches this month supplying our fixings 'in the box' and as well as working with them to launch we have been working our socks off to create the 'baby' of the Space-Plug family - THE SPACE-PLUG MINI!

Back in February we announced our plans to finally bring this little new fixing into production. Well, we have done it and in record time! This 'baby' of the family is small, small enough to bridge the gaps from 15mm-35mm. Ideal for those smaller gaps that need a secure, strong and more importantly adjustable fixing. 

And even more importantly

The first Space-Plug Mini's started rolling off the production line at the beginning of August in Sussex and we have been building up stock! Packs are now available to buy on Amazon in 25’s or 100’s) & we are now in a position to take contract orders from furniture makers and manufacturers
Wren Bedrooms have already placed an order and will be the first to supply our new fixing with their chests of drawers. 

We are so excited about bringing the Space-Plug Mini to market. We know there is huge demand & potential, especially from within the fitted bedroom market. The SP Mini is ideal at tying back all types of furniture and is small enough to bridge even the tiniest gap just over a skirting board.
Our fixings are commonly known as "The Fitters Friend". There’s a reason you know! They provide a simple and fast solution to an ongoing problem within the industry - how to tie back furniture over a different range of gaps. As long as the furniture has a strong solid back or back brace - the SP range of adjustable spacers can be adjusted to bridge the gaps from anything as small as 15mm to 80mm uninterrupted across the full range.

The SP Mini is our first adjustable spacer to be made up of three parts. The first two parts are male and female just like the Mini's parents (Reg & XL). The Mini however has an accessory! An interlocking extension … But why?

The answer is in the travel. The shorter the thread the shorter distance it can travel. We wanted to make a spacer that would go from 15mm to meet with our current smallest spacer the Regular at 30mm. Plus a bit of overlap of course! The extension part is 10mm in depth and the traditional male and female parts alone will range approx. 15 to 25mm. Then by attaching the extender the Mini will comfortably bridge gaps from 25mm to 35mm.

Also different to Mum 'n' Dad, the Mini will be arriving in a grey finish. Just perfect for the shadows behind chest of drawers!
Please call us on 0333 210 0860 to find out more about the Space-Plug Mini and the Space-Plug range and how they will revolutionise fixing your furniture to the wall - or send us your details and we will call you... 


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