Space-Plug Evolution Shortlisted For The 2024 Innovation Awards

Well this is phenomenal start to 2024! We have just learned that Space-Plug Evolution has been shortlisted for The Innovation Awards at KBB Birmingham this year. We are beyond excited!

Space-Plug Evolution is the most radical change to happen to kitchen cabinetry maybe in 50 years! It’s a better way of manufacturing and installing kitchen base cabinets. The invention of the adjustable leg 50 years plus ago soon meant that side panels were shortened from the floor.

We believe that shortening back the side panels combined with the addition of 2 small measuring sticks known as “Datum Pegs” to protect customary practice, combined with a Space-Plug adjustable spacer fixing manufacturers can mimic this back to the wall. Save material and make smaller, lighter cabinets that installers can fit much faster, much easier and more accurately than ever before.

They will no longer need to offer up machined edges to wonky walls, no longer need to scribe round pipes, services and wastes and will never have need to double handle a unit again. Our evidence is showing base units can fit up to 5X faster. All of this and the customers keep the integrity of their expensive cabinets on installation. We’ve cut away too many brand new edgebanded edges for too long!

The Innovation Awards - KBB Birmingham - Blum

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