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Let us introduce you to our Adjustable Spacer Fixing. Whether you are looking to become a retailer or you are a kitchen installer, continue to read, watch and learn how this revolutionary product is transforming the market space.

Space Plug

Save your time on
installing kitchen units
with our product.

We are an award winning innovation company supporting kitchen installers with our product for over 9 years.

Our founders identified some serious issues in how manufacturers supply and expect base units to be installed.

They believed there has to be a better way.

And there is!

Space Plug

Introducing you to your new best friend >>>

The Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixing...

Our team have extensive experience
as kitchen installers. In fact, our products are
designed based on the frustrations they experienced
when on the tools.

Our adjustable spacer fixing,
is a hugely popular product amongst kitchen installers,
to date over 6 million have been sold worldwide.

This one fixing, saves money by reducing hardware.

You can say goodbye to L brackets, fixing screws, access holes
and cover caps. You only need to drill once per unit and let our adjustable friend do the rest by bridging the gap to create a very solid fixing.

It really is that simple.

Made from strong durable plastic, the Space-Plug Adjustable
Spacer Fixing
comes in two convient sizes that bridge the gap
between standard base units

30-50mm - The “Reg”
45-80mm - The “XL”

It also comes in black and white and can be used
outdoors as people find other uses for our little friend!

How it works

Use the adjustable spacer fixing in 4 simple steps and you will be left wondering why hasn’t this been invented before.


Drill Straight Through


Thread Your Screw & Locate


Unwind To Fit


Tighten Up!

Space Plug

Fast, Simple & Professional

Watch our video that
illustrates how simple our product is to use.

Space Plug

No need for lots of tools & fixings

Replace all these items

Drill Bit
x2 L Brackets
x4 Screws
x4 Raw Plugs
Dust Sheets
x2 720x50mm strip of cabinetry

With just these per base unit

1 Screw
1 Raw Plug
1 Space- Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixing
Drill Bit (Supplied)

Space Plug

There are currently TWO ways to use our products
(with a 3rd in production).

1. With Sides

Kitchen cabinetry out of the box is created 'with sides’. The sides are there to create a service void behind the cabinet. Once the floor cabinet has been constructed and is pushed up to the wall, the void is usually 30-70mm in depth. Our adjustable spacer fixing then can be fitted to securely fix the base unit to the wall. Wren Kitchens took one look at our product and said ’That is a no brainer’. Wren Kitchens sell their base units with our adjustable spacer fixing in the box.

2. No Sides

Our adjustable spacer fixing also can be used on cabinetry with no sides. In fact we have many custom kitchen cabinet makers that have adopted our system called AFS (Advanced Fixing System). By using 2 adjustable spacer fixings per base cabinet, this replaces the need for sides as they can be adjusted to provide the exact distance required from the wall and work perfectly on uneven walls. Production costs are also kept down as each base unit requires less material. Chris Sharp Cabinets have been using our Advanced Fixing System for years.

Space Plug
Space Plug

Don't just take our word for it!

We meet a lot of kitchen installers and they are all impressed by our little friend.

Large Space Plug

I’m a professional kitchen fitter and happened to see these plugs advertised on a forum, I liked the look of them and decided to give them a’s my thoughts. This product is suitable for both professionals and DIYers. The initial thing I like about it is that when you’ve prepped your base cabinet and drop them into position you don’t have to move them again. The traditional method of fitting is to place the cabinet, mark your holes where the brackets go, remove cabinet to drill holes and fit pugs, replace cabinet and recheck all levels and then fasten, this is all a thing of the past with this product...Just place your cabinet, check your levels, fit Space Plug and that’s it...finished. Move on, save time, save money and make life easy. It’s made from a sturdy heavy duty plastic and is easy to adjust. If you’re a pro then I would recommend because it saves money with the time element, if you’re a DIYer I would recommend because it’s just gonna make your life easier. Overall a fantastic idea at an affordable price....would highly recommend.

Curly66 - Reviewed on

Why have I not discovered these before!

What a simple yet time saving device, gone are the days of making a shim to install something to a firm backing. I needed to secure a bracket to a wall that is Plasterboard dot and dab, using these made this possible and not just that made it quick and easy. I cut a 32mm hole in the plasterboard and placed the spacer against the brick wall behind, then using the extra long drill bit (provided) drilled out and hey presto. Just need to ensure you have some long screws to hand and your golden. Will be ensuring I always have a pack of these in my kit back from now on.

NICK_J - Reviewed on

Purchased direct from our website

I'm a DIY'er and will be using the space plug to help secure some built-in storage I am making to the walls / ceiling. It will be really useful for what I need so thanks. I'm an industrial designer for my day job. I design and develop products for a living. Just have to say I love seeing people coming up with good ideas and then even more so when they take it successfully to market off their own back. Well done, looks like you have done a great job and created a genuinely useful product here 👍


Game Changer

Been using these for coming up to about 2 years now and very rarely use anything else to fix kitchen units (also found tons of other uses for them). At first I was skeptical about the product, I mean did I really need them? But then the second you try them everything clicks in place and you just 'get it'. One of the huge benefits is when fixing to stud walls as you can place the fixing anywhere you like along the back rail of the kitchen unit and so can always fix to a stud. That really is a game changer and I can't express enough how much time is saved. To be honest I wasn't buying these from screwxfix before but it seems SF have dropped the price of these and are now one of the cheapest places to purchase them. So will be getting all my future orders. Just try them and although they are sold as kitchen unit fixings, you'll so find yourself using them for all sorts. Really handy to have in the tool bag to get you out of trouble.

KitchenRepublic - Reviewed on

What amazing products for levelling a shower tray

I searched for small and micro-adjustable raisers that could level out a shower tray. Space Plugs offered a perfect fix. These are available in 2 sizes. The newly tiled floor in our old cottage has a slope that advocated raising the front part of the stone shower tray, and I did not want to just chuck under pieces of wood. Space Plugs are the perfect fix to this problem - they can be micro adjusted to achieve a perfect level - Utterly Brilliant! Huge thanks to the UK inventor Cliff and his brother for inventing, developing and marketing and distributing these wonderful devices.

Baskerville - Reviewed on

More than kitchen spacers

Such a versatile and simple spacer not just for kitchen unit. I used them to fill a void in alcove shelve

Smiffy1950 - Reviewed on

Space Plug Logo

Adjustable Spacer Fixing is..., requires fewer fixing points, with each fixing having less pieces of hardware.

...flexible, you now have the entire cross-brace for fixing - avoid pipework or line up with studs.

..adjustable & provides complete freedom to fit as you want - stand off for wider work-tops, use easily if you are having to scribe - gets rid of annoying shims.

...accurate, no need to mark - simply fix whilst the unit is in place, exactly where you want it.

...professional, the only designed for purpose fixing, works great and leaves a fantastic looking finish.

...patented. A brand new concept in fitting kitchen base units - it’s an ingeniously simple method to secure furniture units.

Adjustable Spacer Fixing Line Drawing
Space Plug

Space-plug is cost effective.
Because it’s so user friendly it saves time,
hassle and frustration.
And that saves you money!

With Millions of products already sold worldwide, you can purchase
our products from our growing list of retailers, including direct from our website.

We are proud to be selling our products with these retailers.


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