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Saving Time & Material Costs in
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As a well-respected kitchen cabinet manufacturer, Chris Sharp Cabinets based in Lincoln was an early adopter of our AFS (Advanced Fixing System). We started talking to them in 2015 and from the very first phone call, they instantly understood the potential our adjustable spacer fixing could provide for their manufacturing and installation process.  



What is AFS (Advanced Fixing System)?

After meeting us personally and allowing us to showcase our strong and durable adjustable spacer fixing. The kitchen designers at Chris Sharp Cabinets got going straight away and started manufacturing their base cabinets without the side panels that create the service void. Our product creates such a strong and sturdy fixing to the wall they make this material redundant, which is the Advanced Fixing System!

Our fixings also give the installers and kitchen designers the flexibility to determine for themselves the best distance from the wall.


Illustration of our AFS (Advanced Fixing System)

Chris Sharp Cabinets, now manufacture all their base cabinets without the side panels. They have called it the “wingless design”.

Their Managing Director loves the “wingless design” as edge-banding remains intact and the product retains its factory integrity during installation allowing guarantees to be upheld.

Their Marketing manager loves the cabinet design as it provides a great selling point.

Their Operation manager loves the “wingless design” as he gets more component parts from a sheet due to smaller pieces required and smaller pieces equals increased optimisation - “majorly increased efficiency and profitability”.

Their Kitchen Installers love it as there is no double handling. They can walk the cabinets in a room and place them straight into situ, they never move again. Plus there is no need to cut in and around pipes, there’s no more scribing and no more shimming awkward fiddly fixings – a real “no brainer”.


Manufacturing Advantages

Save money by saving materials.
Most base units can be reduced by at least 50mm x 720mm x 2.

Save money by reducing waste.
Cutting smaller parts results in increased optimisation.

Save money by reducing hardware.
L Brackets, fixing screws, access holes, and cover caps can all go.

Save money with a smaller product.
Whether flat-pack or rigid, smaller boxes mean more room in the warehouse, more room on the lorry, and less packaging.

Save the Planet.
The manufacturing process has less impact on the planet. If every kitchen manufacturer in the UK moved to Space-Plug AFS there would be enough board saved EVERY YEAR to lay a path of 8x4's from London to Paris.


We manufacture our adjustable spacer fixing in the UK and always carry large stock.
Creating another advantage for Chris Sharp Cabinets we deliver orders within 48hrs!



"Space-Plug has definitely been a move in the right direction for us. We adopted the idea in 2015. It’s been a great success and we’re very happy to sing its praises. The saving in material means we get far more parts from jumbo sheets and because of that profitability has really increased. When we deliver to site the units go straight into place, which really reduces handling and our fitters, who weren’t sure at first, are now over the moon with the flexibility and freedom it gives them. Our clients have given us some great feedback - and if they’re happy we’re happy. From our guarantees point of view, confidence is even higher knowing edge-banding never gets cut away and the unit always stays fully sealed. Great news that it’s made in Britain, something we pride ourselves on and we’re definitely customers for the foreseeable future. All in all, great product and a great idea. We wish Space-Plug every success, with a simple but massively effective bit of kit."

Paul Kettleborough, Operations Director at Chris Sharp Cabinets Kitchens


Working with manufacturers of kitchens, bathrooms, and bedroom cabinetry is our passion. We hope that this case study has piqued your interest in how we can support your business. Please call us on 0333 210 0860 or send your details on our contact form, we would love the opportunity to showcase our 'Adjustable Spacer Fixing' and our 'Advanced Fixing System' online or in person.

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