Space-Plug Mini - Going Into Production

Since we started, our Space-Plug Adjustable Spacer Fixings have come in two sizes. Regular (30-50mm) and XL (45-80mm). They have been successfully bridging the gaps for all kinds of installers for many years!

To date, Space-Plug has sold over 7million of these fixings to kitchen, bedroom & bathroom manufacturers as well as through a growing list of global retailers to trades and DIY'ers.

Since Cliff invented the Adjustable Spacer Fixing, he always knew the family would grow! Space-Plug was missing an important piece to the jigsaw. The 'baby' of the family, we call the Space-Plug Mini, has always been a twinkle in his eye.

We are really happy to report that this 'Baby' will no longer be left in the corner!

With large pre-orders, now is the time to make the Space-Plug Mini a reality and it is now on order!

Designed to bridge gaps from 15mm - 35mm it is ideal for those smaller gaps that need a secure, strong and more importantly adjustable fixing.

The first obvious difference between the Mini and the Reg or XL, is that it is made up of three parts. The first two parts are male and female just like the Mini's parents. The Mini however has an accessory! An interlocking extension … But why?

The answer is in the travel. The shorter the thread the shorter distance it can travel. We wanted to make a spacer that would go from 15mm to meet with our current smallest spacer the Regular at 30 mm. Plus a bit of overlap of course! The extension part is 10mm in depth and the traditional male and female parts alone will range approx. 15 to 25mm. Overall the mini will comfortably bridge gaps from 15 to 35mm.

Also different to Mum 'n' Dad, the Mini will be arriving in a dark grey finish. Just perfect for the shadows behind chest of drawers!

We are so excited about bringing the Space-Plug Mini to market as we know there is huge potential, especially from within the fitted bedroom market. As soon as we have stock, (Summer ’23 fingers crossed) we will be selling via our retailers. More on this to come over the coming weeks.

For more information - please email and we will keep you informed of progress.

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